$GREY Manifesto by Robert Gallardo,  2021

The future is $GREY

Something is happening on the internet, the third epoch of the web is among us. All the technological innovations have converged on this one moment in history. The future has been pulled closer and it’s our job to do something about it.

The shift to web3 is inevitable, we are here to ensure the shift is not dominated by the same guys that dominated web2.

$GREY DAO is a decentralized design house focused on creating digital and physical products.

We are inspired by the effectiveness of hacker group ‘Anonymous’ and by the anonymity of fashion house Maison Martin Margiela. We exist to give ownership back to the creative class through Web3.

$GREY DAO is the democratization of design taken to its logical end state of ownership in Web3. The future evolution of $GREY DAO will be determined by our community.

11/05/2021 marks the beginning of $GREY DAO Season 1.

In Season 1 we’ll establish what $GREY citizenship means and how to attain it, where the $GREY DAO internet society will call home in the metaverse, projects we will work on as a design collective, as well as our $GREY DAO design partnerships.


Along the way we will incubate artists and establish a Universal $GREY Income (UGI) for all of our citizens (holders of $GREY).

$GREY DAO Council

We are setting up a 3-member $GREY DAO Council to help guide the future of our collective. We are sourcing one of these members directly from the internet via typeform, you can be considered here.

The $GREY DAO Council will decide the future of the following.

  • Monthly $GREY budget for $GREY citizens and artists
  • How $GREY governance evolves
  • $GREY team member positions
  • $GREY Season evolution      

$GREY Roles

The suggested roles and their requirements in a $GREY society are as follows:

Tourist: A visitor to the $GREY DAO discord. Required to hold 1 $GREY. Join the discord here.

Citizen: Unlocking additional channels in the $GREY discord and the beginning of UGI (Universal $GREY Income). You must be active in the discord to remain a citizen. As a citizen you can submit ideas for proposals as well as proposals. Required to hold 200 $GREY

Architect: Get to propose votes and partnerships. Suggesting requirement to hold 2000 $GREY to become an architect.

Partner: As a partner you will be rewarded for providing the collective with essential manufacturing and production abilities.

To get involved in the council, join us here.

web3,  2021